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After some workouts started the first week of college for me on Monday 27 August. In the morning I was really nervous so I left home at 9 a.m although my class started at 9:35 a.m. First I had Environmental Geology class. Just before class I met a other local student. Her name is Betsy and she is really nice, we exchanged contact details as well. The geology teacher (whose name is also Kristen) is amazing and friendly too. The class was quiet full I guess about 40-50 students, I never imagined it to be that full. There were also many girls in there. The teacher explained us the syllabus and due dates and what the course is about. Afterwards Betsy and I got some tea and sat down at the Stadium. There we looked across the ocean and the beach and watched some dolphins jumping out of the water. Later on I bought the book for the course on amazon and went to yoga class where I met Sabrina (from Austria) as well. The yoga teacher, her name is Bonnie, is really unique. She does yoga like she is on a theatre stage and emphasizes the mental and physical aspects as well. I loved the way she teaches the class. After lunch break I crashed the Pilates class. The syllabus is very interesting but now I’ve got to decide between Yoga and Pilates class. Pilates will be more challenging but yoga will offer relaxation. I will try both on Wednesday again or maybe next week also and make up my mind about what class to take. Furthermore, I met a local girl at Pilates class called Annie. She’s cute and has similar hobbies so we will meet each other after classes and on Friday to do cool stuff together.

After college I went home and rode my bicycle for 1:4h to free my mind from the stressful first college day. First I went to Butterfly beach, then over the mountain to Arroyo beach and lastly back over shoreline to Leadbetter beach and back home.

Afterwards I had Thai Chicken curry with peas, carrots, sweet potatoes and fried vegetables. Sooo delicious!

Tuesday began with surfing class. Therefore we met the coach at the stadium and talked for half an hour about the course and how it’s gonna be like. Afterwards I went home, did some workouts and got ready for my first global entrepreneurship class.

Entrepreneurship was a pretty cool class, we already started with chapter one. We also did a little trading exercise where we all got different goods from all over the world to trade with our colleagues. I ended up with a sea shell and a pink plastic crown. Afterwards I had my first biological oceanography class. It was so awesome and the teacher is really engaged and excited about this semester lab and class. We will spend many labs outside on the beach an shore so it will be really a practical oriented course. Furthermore, I already ordered my missing text books online so I will grab them tomorrow at the college campus store. I also met 3 new girls this day and exchanged contact details. I was really surprised to discover that there are other girls interested in marine biology as well.

After classes I ordered the text books online and did a little sunbathing. At 4 p.m I took a quick run for about 1:45h, it was so freaking hot outside. Afterwards we had dinner and I scheduled everything in my calendar and went through the syllabus. Before I went to bed I boiled myself some tea, eat banana bread and tried a new Netflix show called the 100.

Wednesday I went running in the morning. It was such a beautiful sunrise that I had to take a picture of it.

At school I had geology and yoga class and went to the international student office and admission and records to get a studying confirmation for my mother as well.

In the break I also grabbed my text books from the campus store and read over chapter 1 of global entrepreneurship. Afterwards I had Pilates class which was pretty cool. We had to measure ourselves in different regions and did planks, push-ups and curl-ups exams as well.

After college I went home, sunbathing, doing workouts and had spaghetti for dinner together with Olivia and Carmen. Then I did the Lecture Quiz questions for biological oceanography and read the pages for homework in the book.

I started Thursday (I am already two weeks here!) with doing workouts and then I went with the bike to Los Baños Del Mar a public swimming pool for doing the swim test for surfing class. We had to swim 100 m and the water was luke warm, so it wasn’t really hard. Afterwards I made myself some granola with yoghurt and fruits before I went to entrepreneurship class.

Entrepreneurship class was really cool today. We’ve got to design products, come up with terminology and watched some inspiring yt Videos. In biological oceanography we learned a lot about the topography of the ocean and chemistry about water molecules and stuff.

The oceangraphy lab was the most interesting activity I’ve ever done! Firstly, we had an introduction to the lab at the campus and to our upcoming projects. Then we got paired up into teams of 4, grabbed our scientific measure gadgets and walked to the docks at the harbor. There we spent over an hour to measure ph, temperature, depth, visibility, oxygen and salinity with chemical and physical tests and samples. We had were confused but had a lot of fun putting theory into practice. Afterwards we exchanged our measurements in the lab and had to answer the lab questions in the lab manual. It was exciting but also a hard working and exhausting college day today.

For dinner Carmen bought me veggie burrito. It wasn’t that good but I was so hungry that I ate it in spite of the taste. Although I was very tired I did the study questions for the oceanography lecture after dinner.

Friday I went running in the morning for two hours. It was really hot already but a nice run.

I did some workouts and went with the bike to Butterfly beach to met the girls. We spent the whole day sunbathing, relaxing, swimming and chatting on the beach. Furthermore, we listened to some Schlager (Gummiboot, Jonny Dab…) which was very funny. Afterwards I went to Vons to get some groceries and then home for dinner.

For dinner we had chicken stir fry with vegetables and cabbage salad. So good!

After dinner Carmen and I prepared the prickly pears (cactus fruits) for tomorrow for the potluck at the garden. This is a festivity where the gardeners present some interesting topics and afterwards is a get together and everybody brings something to eat.

Firstly, you have to wash them and brush the spikes of. Then you cut the edges and make a slice in the skin to peel it of. After this you cut them into slices and tadaaa!

I made some tea and watched Pirates of the Caribbean Dead men tell no tales. It was a very exciting day and good evening.

On Saturday I did some workouts and met the girls at Backyard Bowls downtown to get delicious açaí bowls for breakfast. Then we went to State Street for some shopping at Brandy Melville and afterwards went to Yoga with the Coral group. The yoga was combinated with meditation so it was a nice cool down and very relaxing.

After yoga I went cycling for 1,5 hours and bought myself some food at the Lazy Acres. They have a wide range of warm food and you can mix it however you want.

Again I went with the bike to Downtown apartments where we met for the Inspiration Point Sunset Hike. We were picked up by a taxi and brought up the hill to the beginning of the hiking trail. Afterwards we hiked all the way up to the top. It was very steep and took about 45 min. At the top we took a lot of pictures watching the sunset and the beautiful view above Santa Barbara. Then we went back down and it got really dark. At 9:15 p.m I was finally back at home with my bike.

On Sunday I went running for 1:50h and it was very cloud and foggy so you could really feel the light water drops on your skin which was very refreshing and calming. After a delicious breakfast and some workouts Carmen and I decided to head out to Ventura.

Ventura is a City about 1 hour from Los Angeles. Firstly, we drove through downtown with some cute little shops and ended at the outskirts where the big shopping centers are. Then we went around town among some avocado and strawberry fields (here is every time strawberry season, they are so red and ripe already!) to the harbor. There we walked along the pier, visited the Channel Islands national museum and took some pictures.

On our way back home we drove through Carpinteria. A cute little city among the ocean with an amazing beach!

Afterwards we made wraps for dinner filled with chicken, salad, tomatoes and different sauces. Then I did my reading homework for entrepreneurship and oceanography and got ready for the party today in Isla Vista. Just before Carmen took me to the transit center we drank some tea, ate banana bread and watched a Mexican tv show which was very funny.

Then met the girls at the transit center and we went to Isla Vista a party and university district of Santa Barbara, the party scene. There we walked through the city until we found a house party to crash until the cops shut the place down. After this we followed some guys to their apartment and had a home party there. It was a lot of fun but I was very glad when I could finally fall into the sheets.

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