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At the beginning of the third week of college I went for a quick morning run and had delicious breakfast afterwards. In environmental geology today we had an lecture quiz which was really easy.

In my lunch break I did some workouts and finished my assignment, an article summary, for geology. Then I had Pilates class which was very core intensive. After that I met Betsy and we went to the library and then to the beach. We actually swam out to the buoys and then back. Afterwards we chilled at the beach and checked out the Shoreline Café which has a really good chai latte! Furthermore I taught Betsy how to play Schnapsen and say some German words. It was a really fun afternoon!

Back home we had pasta as a delicious dinner which reminded me very much of the spaghetti my mother used to cook at home! In the evening I submitted some Pilates tests and my geology assignment on canvas and went through the news flash for tomorrow’s oceanography class. Then I relaxed with a cup of tea while playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo.

I had to get up at 6:15 a.m on Tuesday morning for surfing class. I grabbed my two wetsuits, shoes, towel and stuff and went to the college sport center to discover the locker rooms. The are very comfortable and have many showers as well. There I dressed into the wetsuits and checked out my surfboard. I took my pen, towel and notebook with me and went together with the other students to Leadbetter beach where we met our coach for further theory and introduction to surfing. After that we went into the water (we have to shuffle our feet because of the sting rays) and then practiced paddling and getting through waves with push-ups and turtle rolls (you have to turn the surfboard upside down and be underwater and then get back up again, which is very hard). Furthermore, there are two lifeguards with us, one in the truck on the beach and one with our coach stand up paddling next to us. Surprisingly, we saw a little shark! This was the closest I’ve ever gotten to a shark. It was incredible and exciting at the same time but it did not got near us. It wasn’t too cold at all and a lot of fun actually and the buddy system between Marie Christin and me worked out really well.

Afterwards I rinsed my wetsuits and went back home to shower and do some workouts. Then I had entrepreneurship class where we have to develop a start up with one dollar and make money with in one week. In oceanography I did my oral presentation of the news article on the ocean clean up. We also learnt about the currents, winds and the Coriolis effect which can be a bit confusing as you can see from my picture.

After college I rode my bicycle about 1:45 hours to Butterfly beach and all the way back to Henry’s beach. Meanwhile I came across the Stearns Wharf where they had set up many flags on the beach for the terrorism attack of 09/11. I went to Lazy Acres and bought 2 packages of yoghurt, 1 package grapes and 1 package of granola for 25$, the prices here are so expensive that’s crazy! For dinner we had a lot of vegetables! In the evening I did the oceanography lecture questions and studied them for the quiz on Thursday, I looked over the institutions of entrepreneurship as well. Furthermore, I booked the tickets for the LA trip on Saturday!

On Wednesday I ran 1,5 hours and had a delicious yoghurt with granola, papayas, raspberries, banana and blueberries afterwards.

In environmental geology we learnt about plate tectonics. However, my oceanography and geology teachers (both very engaged women) love to draw pictures and figures with every information in them. Therefore, my pictures look a bit like a mess.

After class I went home to do some workouts and yoga and to study for oceanography and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the package from Austria finally arrived! It was full of dark bread, Striezel and Lebkuchen. Afterwards, I went to Pilates class where we did lots of exercises with the Pilates ring. We focus on control of the pelvic and abs as well as rob cage stabilization. Therefore we only do control slow movements which are often more exhausting than quick ones and more effective as well. After Pilates I drove to lazy acres to get some of the ripe brown bananas (yeah you can buy black bananas at the supermarket) and some flour for baking banana bread tonight.

When I got home, I read something in my marine biology book and went through the questions for tomorrow’s exam again. For dinner we had some pork chops with delicious mashed up sweet potatoes and a cabbage salad. Afterwards, Carmen and I made some tasty banana bread, I am so addicted to it! In the evening, I worked on the 1$ project for entrepreneurship (we have to make money with only 1$ in one week) and finished my ocean journal as well. I don’t know yet which project topic in Oceanography I am going to take I will decide tomorrow spontaneously. Before I went to bed Carmen and I had some warm banana bread and tea.

On Thursday I had to get up early for surfing class again. This time we paddled our to the point where the waves would break. It was low tide and the waves weren’t high so we haven’t had the chance to surf properly. Paddling is really exhausting because it strengthens the muscles in the arms, abs and lower back. I’ve never felt so sweaty sticking in two wetsuits! Furthermore, we saw dolphins swimming next to us, this was really awesome! Actually, I caught three waves but the nose of my surfboard tipped down towards the sea floor the first two times, but the third time it worked out pretty well but I fell also. It was really fun but tiring.

The rest of the day was really exhausting. In entrepreneurship we have to start a business with 1$ in reality next week. In oceanography we had our quiz which was really easy again. In lab we went to Leadbetter beach to measure wind, waves, currents, sand grains and the beach profile. That was a lot of work! We could try out alternative beach measurements as well and maybe I will volunteer in a beach profile measurement project as well. Back in the lab we had to do our calculations and lab questions but my head was already so full of information and I was so tired that it was really exhausting.

For dinner we had sautéed vegetables and salad. Afterwards I spent some time doing my homework and went to bed early. I can’t believe that already one month has passed since I’ve arrived here.

On Friday I went for a run (two hours) and discovered a cute farmer’s market in Montecito. Afterwards I had a delicious breakfast and did some workouts and my beauty routine before I headed to the maritime museum to meet with Dominique. Just before I was surprised by a video call of Sabrina, Bastian, Mel and Fabian. We talked a little bit about the latest gossip and how it’s going so far and I showed them my room and the house. It was really awesome and also nice to talk and see them again.

Actually we went to the Sea Center at the wharf. At first I went to the wrong location but then I finally found it. It’s really cool and interactive. You can touch everything, watch films and measure properties of the ocean like in oceanography lab. Dominique completed her lab there and it was really fun! She is so a nice and kind person, her father is from Germany and she has lived there for some years so she knows how to speak German too. In the future we will take a trip to the Channel Islands and do some whale watching. We took a lot of photos and it was a really great afternoon!

Afterwards Carmen and I went shopping for the ingredients that we need to make Schnitzel and Erdäpfelsalat tonight. It was the first time for me at the Ralph’s store. I was really overwhelmed. It’s crazy they have everything in there, it’s real American mass consumption. They even got certain person who work there and only pack in the grocery of the people in their shopping bags.

Cooking dinner with Carmen was a fun activity! It took a little bit longer than normal but it was really nice to show her the recipe, how to make Erdäpfelsalat and Schnitzel. Unfortunately, the potatoes were not the right ones therefore they were too soft so the consistence of the potato salad was more like mashed potatoes, I will work on that in the future. The schnitzel I think were the best ones I’ve ever made. I was so glad that Olivia like the Schnitzel too, I served them with cranberry jam, parsley and lemon. She loved the potato salad as well. All satisfied we relaxed in the evening, I studied a bit geology for the exam on Monday and got my things ready for the LA trip tomorrow.

On Saturday morning I drove with the bike to Arrellaga street to the apartment and went with the girls to the transit center where the bus of California explorer will catch us. The trip to LA took about 2 hours. Our first stop was the Griffith observatory up the hill where we had a beautiful view above Los Angeles and the Hollywood sign.

Next stop was the Hollywood Boulevard, the Walk of Fame. There we spent 1.5 hours walking up and down, discovering the stars and footprints of our favorite stars and took in the taste of Hollywood. I have to admit that I don’t find the city very beautiful, the walk of fame was the only highlight. The rest ist very dirty and unspectacular.

Then we went to Beverly Hills to see the Rodeo Drive with some of the most expensive shops and designer lables of the world. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any stars.

Our last stop was Venice beach. There we walked down the beach promenade for 1.5 hours until we came to the skate park, muscle beach and some stands and street performers. From there we took an Uber back to the pier because we had not have much time left to check out the Santa Monica Pier.

The Santa Monica Pier with its attractions was amazing! It is very crowded but it goes all the way out to the sea with its colorful Ferris wheel and may other rides to discover.

The way home took about 2 hours again and then I arrived finally at 9:15 pm with my bike at home. I was really exhausted and went to bed early.

On Sunday I went running for 1h 50min and then met Dominique and her boyfriend to ride with our bikes to Backyard Bowls to get our breakfast. Afterwards we rode our bikes along the bikepath on the beach to butterfly beach where we played some card games and watched the waves. Then I went back home to study geology, do some yoga and work on the entrepreneurship assignment.

At 4 p.m I went to the church bbq together with Carmen. Unfortunately, they everything sold out by then so we only took some tritip steak slices with us for eating them at home. After the stop at the church we drove to the post office downtown so I could send my postcards. It was closed and so we had to print out our own stamps with a machine. I hope I took the right ones and my postcards will arrive in Austria in the next days (or weeks). For dinner we had the slices of the steak together with some corn, cabbage salad and leftovers from the previous days.

The evening I tried to work on the assignments but I was too tired to understand anything. Between I had a WhatsApp call with Huppsi which cheered me up and reminded me that I have to relax more and care more about myself. Thanks for this advice I will try it better next week!

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  1. Doris sagt:

    Viel Abenteuer- freut mich, dass ich daran teilhaben darf! Und Huppsi hat voll recht – du verausgabst dich sehr, pass auf dich auf. Alles Liebe Doris😊👏👍


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