Mid-Term week

On Monday morning I went for a quick run which was very refreshing. Afterwards, I made me some yoghurt with my granola from home and Carmen baked some honey biscuits for us. Then I had geology where we had a quiz again. Furthermore, we learnt about faults, draws a lot and got our study guide questions for the exam in two weeks. Unfortunately, I had a long talk with my college insurance and the aren’t going to cover the root canal appointment on Friday.

After lunch break I went to the cashiers desk because the cash for the credits I had withdrew from was not transferred back onto my credit card account. So they told me that this won’t happen automatically and that i have to request a refund (which will take weeks) and I will only get a cheque from the bank auf America and will get the thousands in cash. Great, that sucks. Then I went to the library to do some research on my project topic and afterwards went to Pilates class.

After college Carmen and I went to the dentists office to check in with them about the appointment on Friday, I also went to CVS again. Afterwards I studied surfing and the last time oceanography for the mid term tomorrow. For dinner we had some corn bread (muffins!) with Chili and a salad on the side. Rest of the evening I spent studying and went to bed early.

On Tuesday I had to get up early for surfing class. It was a very cool and cloudy morning and I was a little cold at first. Because of the extremes in tide because of the full moon yesterday the tide was really high and we didn’t get any waves to surf. Therefore, we had to paddle all the way along the beach up and down. We even did a challenge where we separated into 4 groups of seven people and had to manage to stand up all together. We tried different approaches until we discovered that we have to put the boards over each other like a float. At the end we also saw some sea lions, the ones with external ears and they can run on the beach very fast, so be careful! Class was pretty exhausting but cool. Afterwards, I went home and did some workouts before I had entrepreneurship class where we talked about cultural differences. Afterwards, we had our first mid-term in oceanography. It was a 100 point exam which 60 multiple choice questions on a scantron (a piece of paper where we have to color out tiny little boxes half of a millimeter big with only a number two pencil) and 40 points short answer questions. It was not really hard but different because we do not have this system in Austria and have to read the question really carefully. I finished 25 minutes before class ended and was free to go.

In the afternoon I went for a bike ride for about 2 hours. I went to Elings Park which we drove by yesterday. It is a big park with baseball and soccer fields, memorials, pavilions, bmx parcours and hiking and jogging trails. There I hiked for half an hour and enjoyed the beautiful view there.

For dinner we had chicken marsala (Thai and spicy) with rice and a cabbage salad. It was very delicious. Afterwards Carmen cut some prickly pears (fruit of the cactus).

After dinner I did a little bit of studying for surfing and entrepreneurship and looked up some papers about noise pollution and effects on whale vocalization in the Internet for tomorrow’s research in the library.

Like every Wednesday I did my morning run for 1.5 hours. It’s getting colder recently you can really feel that fall is already encountering Santa Barbara. Fortunately, it’s not as cold as it is at home in Austria where you guys have to scratch ice already off your car windows haha. Afterwards I had geology class and did a short video call with my mother, Tina and Richard. They were at the casino Baden for a Thai dinner there. We made plans for Skyping again on Friday. Then I did some workouts and went to the library of the college to do some research on my project for oceanography. The librarians there are so friendly and competent they helped me with my research and I think I found some good peer-reviewed scientific articles too.

Before Pilates class I met Christian again. I was really focused on writing the blog and then suddenly he was standing right in front of me and hugged an greeted me which I think was pretty cute. We talked for a little bit and I almost was late for Pilates class. This afternoon I received a package from my mother again with another striezel, Lebkuchen (my favorite ones from JaNatürlich) and Schwedenbomben for Carmen. Now I have about 5 striezel and so much sweets and bread that I can’t eat fully until the end of the semester. It’s really crazy but thanks a lot mum!

Today I studied for entrepreneurship and surfing and did something for my geology study guide as well. For dinner we had fried cauliflower, vegetables and a salad. Carmen and Olivia had salmon too.

On Thursday morning we had the surfing mid-term in class today because the tides are very high and extreme because of the full moon from Tuesday, so there were no breaking waves because the water is too deep.

Afterwards I did some workouts and Skyped with Sabrina my best friend from Austria for the first time while I have been here. We talked a lot about the newest gossip and personal stuff and it was so nice to hear voice again and check in with my bestie. Later I had entrepreneurship class and oceanography.

In oceanography lab today we went to Leadbetter beach to collect green, red and brown algae with different pigments. Back in the lab we had to put them separately in a mortar and mash them up and extract their colorful liquid with ethanol. Furthermore, we had to centrifuge our probes and make dots on a thin layer chromatography plate. Then this plate would be put in aceton and then in another toxic fluid to extract the pigments like chlorophyll a or carotenoid. We had to draw the plates and do some calculations about the pigments as well. It was very interesting because we discovered that the pigments are necessary for photosynthesis and not all algae contain enough of them to survive in deep waters.

I was at home earlier than usually and thought how cool is that I can have dinner earlier. But this wasn’t the case. I discovered that my complete feet very covered in oil and I didn’t manage to shower it off. It was so hard to get rid of it, I shrubbed and brushed my feet with kitchen cleaning ajax for half an hour until I finally managed to get rid of the oil. Now I can imagine how hard it is for sea animals if they are covered in oil layers due to human impact. For dinner we had some awesome spaghetti like back home but not as good as from my mother or Tina of course.

In the evening I worked a lot on the study guide for geology which was really tough and exhausting. Afterwards, I went straight to bed and I have to admit I am bit frightened of the dentist appointment tomorrow.

On Friday morning I went for a morning run before Carmen took me to the dentists office. There I had to wait half an hour for my appointment and I have to admit that I was really scared, it’s my first root canal and I don’t have experience with the health system and doctors in America. Then they gave me the anesthesia and waited until all went numb. I was really scared that it would hurt but Carmen always stayed with me and it didn’t hurt at all. The out like nails in my tooth and cut the root and stuff, gosh I don’t want to imagine this. Afterwards all felt numb and sore and I couldn’t speak properly but it looks the same like before. I have to take antibiotics 10 days more because I had a big infection so we drove to cvs where we bought them, some painkillers and a warm water bottle because I get cold quite easily in the evening recently. Then finally at 12:40 p.m I was back at home. I spent the whole day studying (did some workouts, I know I shouldn’t have). My tooth and gum was very sensitive and hurt sometimes. In the evening I made an Austrian Erdäpfelsalat again, the potatoes were better this time but not as good as I hoped. We had some roasted vegetables on the side and mashed sweet potatoes. Afterwards we made a apple cinnamon bread or cake which wasn’t so good as I expected it to be. I was so tired in the evening and I was really looking forward to go to bed and sleep because tomorrow I will sleep and wake up without an alarm set for the first time since I have been here.

On Saturday I slept until 8:30 am without an alarm set and it was amazing. Carmen surprised me with an American breakfast this morning. It was so delicious! It consisted of pancakes with fruits and maple syrup, scrambled eggs and roasted potatoes with onions.

Afterwards I did the study questions for oceanography and some workouts even though my tooth hurt like hell the whole day. I also studied for geology exam. At 3:30 pm Carmen and I went for a little hike in the Rocky Nooks park next to the mission church. The weather was real warm and sunny and the walk refreshing. We discovered a botanic garden but had not have time to check it out because Carmen had a hairdresser appointment afterwards. Apparently my bank cheque came via mail really casually, the Americans just send thousands of dollars casually per mail.

For dinner we had a mix of leftovers like Marsala chicken, potato salad, chicken tenders from Ralph’s, roasted potatoes and vegetables. Afterwards I finally finished my project outline for oceanography and looked up some activities for our vacations in Hawaii. Carmen bought me some Oreos as well to cheer me up because my tooth really hurts.

Sunday I went for a morning run (2 hours) even though my tooth hurt a lot. Afterwards I had some delicious fruits with yogurt and the last left overs of my favorite granola from Austria.

After breakfast I had a long Skype conversation with my family back in Austria in the woodquarter. It was so amazing to hear their voices and see their faces again. I had chance to talk to my grandparents, my cousins and my uncle and aunt. I miss them very much and I couldn’t believe the my grandfather cried, I guess they all miss me as well. I hope the harvest is going well and they have a lot of fun without me. Furthermore, I received the grading of the surfing mid term 100% score hehe.

For dinner we had vegetables with couscous and a cabbage salad. Afterwards i went with the bike downtown for having s’mores at the apartment there, it was really nice! I have never eaten s’mores before: you have to take a cracker than put chocolate on it and then a melted marshmallow and then cracker again. It is delicious! Perfect ending for a hardworking week like this!

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  1. Doris sagt:

    Ich hoffe du bist wieder wohlauf? Das war sicher sehr unangenehm und dann gleich wieder Sport. Alles Liebe Doris


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