Hello Fall!

Monday morning I took my first morning jog after the problem with my tooth. It was very good but I still felt my tooth a little bit. Furthermore, the sunrise was amazing and I also discovered some trees which leafs changed their color.

In geology class we had a quiz and then the teacher answered our questions on the study guide for Wednesday’s midterm. After that I did some workouts, studied entrepreneurship and went to Pilates class.

After Pilates class I just studied for geology and entrepreneurship. Furthermore, I received some congratulations from my surfing teacher for the good work in class. In the evening we had some awesome spaghetti with turkey meat. I really love this type of dinner! Afterwards I looked at the questions for the oceanography quiz tomorrow.

In the evening while I poured myself some tea and cut some Striezel (my favorite post-dinner snack next to banana bread) Olivia was complaining about throat ache and cold. Now it was my turn to play doctor (mum I think I am taking your place here haha, since my mother is called at home as the „Frau-fürs-Akute“ which is really accurate)! I recommended her to drink some tea or warm milk with honey. I also gave her some bronchostops to ease her coughs.

On Tuesday I got up earlier for surfing class. Today the ways were big but I managed to stand sometimes. Unfortunately, sometimes I was flooded underwater and the board was top of my head. Furthermore, it was pretty windy and cold, surprisingly the water was warmer but I was quite cold today. After the class I went home for some workouts and then headed to entrepreneurship class.

After oceanography I went cycling for 1.5 hours and grocery shopping. Furthermore, I visited a new hair and beauty salon to check it out and I made an appointment for next week. Afterwards I studied a lot for entrepreneurship and geology. For dinner we had pork chops with vegetables and my favorite Striezel as post dinner snack!

Wednesday morning I took a run (1.5 hours) to clear my head before the mid term in environmental geology. The exam consisted of 20 questions all short answers. We had to do many drawings like the plate tectonics boundaries and volcanoes and the rock cycle and to date a geologic sequence as well. In general it was pretty easy for me and I left class way earlier. After some yoga and workouts I studied entrepreneurship for tomorrow’s mid term and oceanography for tomorrow’s lab quiz as well. Today’s Pilates class teacher was substituted by Bonnie my former yoga teacher. She made the class really fun, with her colloquial language and nick names like sweetheart and baby, almost like a theatre play. We also did some yoga stretch moves at the end which was really calming. But it was a workout for sure – I am amazed what an „elderly“ woman like her can do in her age. Afterwards I finished studying for entrepreneurship and had a conversation with Carmen about the bike. She resisted that (because of fairness to bike shops here) I have to pay her 150$ for the bike per month. Well, I thought she would be different than other Americans but really all they look after is their own ego and money, it’s all about the f* bucks. However, I thought that was unfair (even though I could use the bike almost for free for two months now hahah because I had paid around 100 bucks for the repair of the bike in the beginning. So I negotiated with Carmen and made a compromise. That „All about the money“-behavior makes me really sad and I am missing the European culture right now even though there is little difference nowadays. I am therefore really missing my friends and family who care about me as a person and do not only look after making their own profit.

In the evening we had couscous and vegetables for dinner. Later I baked some delicious banana bread again, I really mastered this recipe! It’s so mouthwatering that I had like a 100 pieces before I went to bed.

Today the weather in the morning was cold and cloudy again and somehow I didn’t want to go to surf class, I was too comfy wrapped up inbetween the sheets. But eventually I went.

The weather and the sea was very cold today so I was literally shivering the whole time but I caught some waves and managed to stand and ride together with Jamie who helped me a little bit with the timing. He’s such a great surfer! After that I did some workouts and went to the college to take my global entrepreneurship mid term. The exam was really hard I think not because the questions were difficult to understand it was because you really had to read and think carefully because it was sometimes tricky. Even though I finished 20 minutes earlier. I hope I have not over thought the questions too much because often I changed the answers. However, we will see the results whenever.

In oceanography a specialist from the sea center brought some skulls and jaws from sharks and sea lions. I talked to her about my plans, Hawaii and interests and she just said that she thinks I am gonna be very successful as a marine biologist in the future. Because of this I was really happy and this wasn’t the first time I have been told that.

Today we had a lab quiz again and got our results for the ocean journal and I got 100%! I am really happy! We spent our lab today at west beach where we observed birds and their behavior with binoculars and had to record the species precisely. Furthermore, we had to dig several core samples from different stations on the beach (beach wrack, berm, forebeach and backbench, surf and swash zone) and put the sand through a sieve to find different kinds of critters in there. It was really funny and we found some cool stuff too. Unfortunately, we discovered a dead cormoran at the end of class which we named Doug(e) and we buried him at the beach. It is funny how all other students are dressed neat and tidy and when we come back from the beach we are all sandy and go barefoot through the college. I really love this feeling of doing investigations in the nature especially at the beach.

After some vegetarian lasagna I did all study questions for oceanography for two lectures even though I was really tired. Afterwards I had some tea and banana bread and talked with Sabrina and my mum before I fell asleep.

Friday morning I took a long run (2 hours). The sunrise was so astonishing and a saw dolphins at butterfly beach really close to shore. It was incredible! Afterwards I got ready for my breakfast at Backyard Bowls with Christian.

Again it was really delicious, I think açaí bowls can’t ever disappoint me. After breakfast we went to each beach and stayed there, we talked about god and the world, it was so calming just to relax there, talk and take in the view of the ocean. Furthermore, he invited me to theatre at the college tonight which I think is really sweet. Furthermore we updated our bucket list and added some future activities.

At 2 pm I went to Kaplan school for the marine biologist talk. Her name is Holly Luis and she is a partner of Jean Jacques-Cousteau a world famous marine biologist and oceanographer. They travelled around the world and did a lot of films and campaigns about ocean protection and sustainability. Her story was really inspiring. We talked a lot about my future plans and exchanged contact details, I will have an opportunity to work for the company in the future during or after my degree in marine biology.

When I was cycling back home up the hill a guy from a car called „almost got it“ to me (was not the first time haha). I mean, do I look like super exhausted every time I am cycling or what? Maybe it was because I just wore the SBCC T-shirt as a dress. At home even though I was really tired I did some yoga and workouts. For dinner we had some sauerkraut with sausage (really German), gnocchis (Italian), ketchup (American) and a cabbage salad with Asian dressing – an international mix. It tasted kinda funny but good actually. Then I got ready for my theatre date with Christian.

The play was called the game’s afoot, it was a funny horror-mystery murder play (with a big Sherlock Holmes Touch). It was really funny and the actors were brilliant. You could sense their emotions and get connected to the plot very easily. It was also very exciting and thrilling and many plot twists happened, it was hard to detect the murderer. Christian asked me about my plans for Sunday, we might end up doing something together again. He is real gentleman and was so cute again today, I really enjoy spending time together with him. After I made myself some tea back at home it suddenly started to rain. It was calming to fall asleep listening to the sound pattern of the raindrops.

On Saturday I slept a little bit longer and did some workouts before breakfast. After that I had the usual weekend Skype meeting with Huppsi which always is a real pleasure for me. Then I went with the bike downtown to the Santa Barbara Yoga Studio for a yoga workshop with Nuria Reed (world known yoga teacher). It was a really calming session today and I could really get into the poses and mastered crow pose as well. When I was cycling back up the hill I discovered that fresh green gras was growing – impacts of the rain. It was like spring a real beautiful development.

Back home I worked on the assignment for entrepreneurship. At 3 pm Morgan (her last name is Curry btw) picked me up with her car and we drove to Goleta to the pumpkin patch. It is totally American. There they sell a lot of different kinds of pumpkins all sizes and colors, pumpkin and apple butter as well as candy and kettle corn which is sweet pop corn very delicious! They also offer hay rides and tractors and they have goats and donkeys as well. One of their attractions there is a corn maze. Literally it’s a maze in a corn field and it is really hard to find the exit, I think we spent about half an hour or something in there getting lost haha. Afterwards we went to a cafe and had dinner and chatted a lot. It was a real nice afternoon and evening. Morgan is like the typical Californian surf girl with her turquoise surfboard, blond hair, sun hat and shorts.

In the evening I finished my assignment. Moreover, Christian asked me out for dinner for tomorrow evening to a well-known Mexican restaurant at State Street, I am really looking forward to seeing him again. Before I went to bed a played a bit Nintendo and than read a lot and had a good cup of cinnamon tea as well.

On Sunday I did my morning run for 2 hours. After a delicious breakfast I called my grandparents again to check up on them. Spontaneously, I decided to call a very good friend of mine back in Austria and we had a FaceTime conversation about 2,5 hours, my record haha. Furthermore, it was an awesome (snice) conversation like I haven’t had in a while. Afterwards I did some workouts and worked on my ocean project before I got ready for dinner with Christian. Actually I have to admit that I didn’t do anything for college today except submitting my entrepreneurship assignment. I met Christian at 6:15 pm at Stearn’s Wharf and we strolled along State Street up the our restaurant. Before we checked out the World Store where they sell literally everything from everywhere in the world. The sell Christmas merchandise already. The Mexican restaurant and bar Sandbar is amazing. Their ambiance and spirit is unique and their food is super delicious. They also refill your nachos and salsa for free! Christian and i discovered that we have the same music taste: we both love imagine dragons, queen, one republic, kaleo, fall out boy, Coldplay and kygo. We laughed a lot too and had a very good time. And now guess who will travel with me to San Francisco in November…

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