Half-time of the game

I started the second half of my stay here with a refreshing morning run. It was so cold today in the morning that you could even see the condensed drops of the breath in the air. After geology class I went to the library to print the article for oceanography and the tickets for the concerts in LA on Saturday. The printing process is really annoying so you have to get money on your campus card with a machine and then go to a computer and send the documents to a printer. Then you go to the printer and swipe your card and then the documents should be printed. It took a time to get used to it but eventually it worked. During running today I came up with a marketing strategy for our freediving club Divestyle in Austria. I would like to make a cooperation with a blogger and Mister Austria (which I got to know at the feel good festival) to promote our club via social media. I am now in contact with both of them and let’s see what we are gonna make out of this deal. I always have the best ideas while running though.

In the afternoon I did some workouts and had an exhausting Pilates class. Back home I had to answer a lot of voice messages but actually I enjoyed it getting my head off my stuff for a short time. Furthermore, I did a little bit of sunbathing for half an hour and started my ocean project on noise pollution impacts on cetaceans. For dinner we had some vegetables and salad, nothing special. In the evening I just tried to relax a little bit because I wasn’t feeling well today.

Tuesday means surfing class and getting up earlier. Today the sunrise was really beautiful.

Surfing was really chilling and awesome today. The sky was without clouds and the sun was shining so it was really warm. We saw some sea lions and dolphins and pelicans right next to us. The waves were gentle and we could practice a lot even when the water was really shallow. At the end of class I found a beautiful shell.

After some workouts I went to entrepreneurship and oceanography class. Fortunately, I got 100% on the difficult entrepreneurship midterm. After college I went cycling and then to the dentist office for my check up. Luckily, it all looks good and I just can call if something is hurting again. Afterwards, I went the Whole Foods market to buy many pumpkin spice things like granola, rice and puffins cereal. There a man about 45 years asked me what I would call my hair color and that it is the most beautiful he had ever seen and if I get old it will be the most beautiful too. Furthermore, he talked about my body and how perfect it is and that even though if I get older to fifty or something it will be perfect if I keep exercising and I won’t have to worry about men at all. He told me that my body is worth like 2-3 million $. I was just thinking what the hell and wtf let’s get out of here. After this well crazy experience I went back home and finished my workouts.

In the evening I worked on my study questions and reviewed lab and the older questions for the upcoming midterm. Furthermore, I worked our plan for Saturday’s concert in LA out together with Christian. We will drive there in the morning and look around the city and the boulevard and have dinner there before we head to the Hollywood bowl for the concert. For dinner we had some awesome spaghetti and I literally had 2 big portions of it. I topped my salad with pomegranate seeds as well which was a delicious idea too. Surprisingly, Olivia made me Smoothie a healthy one special for me: avocado and milk. It tasted funny but very good. (And she pronounced my name wrong I know). In the evening I just relaxed and talked with done of my friends at Home which was a real pleasure, I even had time to read my book again. In this book a girl falls in love with her stepbrother and there is a lot of drama about their relationship, the story plays in Santa Monica not too far from here (I have been there where they live and at the Santa Monica Pier also!).

On Wednesday morning I took a run for 1:45h (I had no geology class today). I discovered a new beach and enjoyed running in the sun next to the breaking waves and crying seabirds. There were also some cliffs with some interesting rock layers. Furthermore, people on the streets waved and smiled at me and gave me high fives during running, I think that is very nice and totally different to Austria.

After breakfast and yoga I had a long Skype conversation with my best friend Sabrina. I really miss her and was glad to hear her voice again and share some events and problems with her. I really freaking miss her!

After Pilates class in the afternoon I worked on my oceanography project. Furthermore, they send us all emails about the earthquake drill tomorrow and I have to study muscle groups for the mid term in Pilates class next week. For dinner we had some awesome chicken rice and vegetable burritos. Afterwards, I worked on my project again and read some chapters of my book.

Thursday was surf day again. Today the waves were pretty good even though I hit the rocky bottom sometimes. It was cold in the morning again but the sun was shining nicely. We got to see some sea lions as well. One dove underneath my board I could almost touch it. What an incredible experience! One thing I like about America is that just random people start conversations with you and ask you how you are or your day was. That is really nice and I am not yet used to it because most of the people in Europe don’t talk to strangers they don’t know and are more introvert and minding their own business, we Europeans seem pretty cold and distanced compared to the Americans.

After some workouts I left home for the classes at college. In entrepreneurship we did some funny case studies about negotiations with different cultures and in oceanography we learnt about the polar oceans. Furthermore, I discovered that my friend Dominique is a certified yoga teacher who teaches Asthanga and vinyasa flow yoga. We will certainly do some yoga together at the beach!

In oceanography lab we went to the docks to collect some mud (soft sediments) from the bottom with Ekman grabs. Afterwards we set up decomposer plates for bacteria samples. We sorted out our mud samples under microscopes and had to count how many organisms like worms, otracods, shrimp, crabs, snails, amphipods were in there. It was pretty amazing to see that abundance and variety of moving micro organisms in there.

For dinner we had cauliflower and Brüssel sprouts, salad, some rice, beets, bread with cheese or olive oil basil dip and some awesome spaghetti squash. It tastes really good and can be compared to zoodels (zucchini noodles) I really love it! One day I will do spaghetti with tomato sauce or pesto with it. After dinner I did my study questions and revised them for the mid term. I played a bit Nintendo before I fell asleep because I was really exhausted today.

On Friday morning I ran for two hours. After breakfast and some workouts I got ready and met Marlies downtown. There we went to buy some body lotions and shower gels at bath and shower and discovered the big Halloween shop on state street. You can buy everything in there – giant spiders, make up, bones, legs, blood and every costume you can imagine. Afterwards we went to backyard bowls. Marlies got herself a bowl and took a smoothie today. We chatted a lot and it was good to see her again.

In the afternoon I did some sunbathing, tidied my room, did the laundry and studied for oceanography. In the evening we had some corn bread with chili. I really love this meal. Furthermore, I received 2 packages from my mother again. She sent my some sweaters and skiing underwear (hahaha it’s going to snow here) and all ingredients that I can make my own Müsli here. It’s really nice of her! In the evening I worked on my ocean project and relaxed by playing Nintendo.

Saturday morning I did some workouts and had a delicious Müsli for breakfast. At 8:30 am Christian picked me up and we drove to LA. The drive was really cool and I got to know some food Danish artists as well.

Without traffic problems we arrived at Santa Monica Pier. There we spent the whole morning looking around, strolling on the pier, swinging on the swings and Christian also took a dip into the ocean. It was really amazing! I showed him around if I were a local person here that was actually kinda funny. There was also a clean up Organisation at the beach which did an ocean beach clean up event.

Afterwards we drove to Hollywood Boulevard and spent the afternoon at the Walk of Fame. Furthermore we sang the whole time on the car rides which was really funny and relaxing because we have the exact same taste in music. We had dinner at Dave and busters which is actually really good. At 5 pm we walked to the Hollywood bowl for the we can survive concert with Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainor, Charlie Puth and many others. The concert location called Hollywood bowl was outside and really awesome. The weather was really warm during the night and the show amazing. The we can survive concert was to raise awareness for breast cancer victims. Charlie Puth, Meghan Trainor and Shawn Mendes were the best artists. After the concert we walked back to the parking lot and took two other girls of the coral group with us. We grabbed some coffee at Starbucks and started our long journey back home.

On Sunday I exactly slept until nine and then went for a run for two hours even though it was really hot and exhausting today. I had breakfast/brunch at 12 am today. My mother send me packages again with cloves and hats omg. I also received a Mohnstrudel from the woodquarter and maroni from ja natürlich which is really great. I really appreciate the effort of my mum. In the afternoon I studied for oceanography and Pilates and read for entrepreneurship class. Then we spontaneous drove to Trader Joe’s and I bought all the ingredients that I need to cook my own dinner today.

Dinner was really good. I cooked some farro pilaf (like Rollgerste) with pumpkin and sage and some vegetable stir fry and a salad on the side. Afterwards, I made my home-made Austrian Granola again which I had been craving for a long time. Baking the cereal was actually kinda difficult because the oven here a really different and don’t do the „Umluft and „Ober-Unterhitze“ thing. So I was watching my granola bake for 20 minutes or something until eventually it worked. It was smelling delicious cinnamony in the whole house like back at home in Austria. Gosh how I’ve have missed that! In the evening I did my beauty routine and relaxed with a good book before I went to bed. It was an exhausting and busy week.

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