Do you have kangaroos in Austria?

Monday started with a morning run. Today it was really cold compared to yesterday and the sky was cloudy. Surprisingly, I found some red leafs. Furthermore, I met the old grandpa again who’s is always walking with his wife when I am running. He is always cheering me on and giving me high fives which I think is really cute. For breakfast I had my home-made granola, it was so delicious!

After geology class I did some workouts and had a 1 hour Skype conversation with Veronica. It was so nice to see her again and talk about stuff. I’m really missing her! And I had a short Skype call with my mother and cat as well.

In Pilates class we were using stability balls today which was very funny. Afterwards, I studied oceanography for the mid term tomorrow and did my assignment on glaciers in geology. For dinner we had some beef pot stew with different vegetables like asparagus. (Gekochtes Rindfleisch) in the evening I wrote some postcards and wrote long messages and voice messages to my friends back home. Furthermore, I gave Olivia and Carmen pieces of my Waldviertler Mohnstrudel back from home. It was delicious! Carmen and Olivia enjoyed it very much too.

Tuesday was surfday again. It was really cloudy in the beginning then eventually the sun came out. Today the tide was really high and time between the sets of waves very long therefore it was paddling class. It was very exhausting and my lower back hurt while paddling out. We went all 8 buoys our about 500-700m I guess. There we sat for a while in the middle of the ocean. I think I’ve never been so far away from land with a surf board except when we were drifting away with a current back in June in Croatia while freediving. After class I went home, did some workouts and the went to college for my classes.

In entrepreneurship we learnt about the cultural shock stages like honeymoon, disorientation, shock, adaptation and adjustment and cultural differences and the impact on global business. In oceanography we had our second mid term which was not really difficult. Afterwards, I went cycling for 1:45h. I discovered a new part of Santa Barbara called hope ranch which is a private property with a stable and a beautiful scenic drive along the ocean front. I mean I’ve heard a lot of things really but that was enough: since I have been here people are all like: are you all farmers in Austria? Do you live in the mountains? My favorite quotes and questions now are: do you have cars and electricity? Do you have Kangaroos in Austria? And the question which made me really angry and aggressive today (I think my conversation partner was realizing this): do you know what a microwave is? Seriously, Americans are short thinking. Sorry, to let them down but the world does not end at the American borders.

Back at home after the grocery shopping at lazy acres I did my assignment on global hiring practices in entrepreneurship. For dinner we had some awesome roasted cauliflower, with spaghetti squash, beets and broccoli salad and a normal salad as well. In the evening I ate the very delicious apple cinnamon bread which Morgan brought me in surfing class today. Furthermore, I watched the witch series charmed today which is very old, classic and I haven’t seen it in a long time. At the end I had a quick Skype call with my mother which was really nice before I fall asleep.

On Wednesday I took a run for 1,5 hours. It took the sun longer to rise and as well darker in the morning today, you can really feel that winter is coming here. Naturally, it gets darker quicker in the evening too. But the sunrise today at the lake was rally beautiful.

After geology class I went home for workouts and almost finished my ocean project. In Pilates class we had our muscle mid term today. Afterwards, I went to the campus store to buy a new phone charging cable because I crushed my old one. Furthermore, I met Christian at the college and we talked a little bit and about our plans at the weekend as well.

After Pilates I went home and had a Skype conversation with Huppsi which was really entertaining.

For dinner we had some awesome chicken curry with rice and salad. Afterwards, I finished my text for my oceanography presentation. Furthermore, I did a great mani- and pedicure and painted my nails red for the upcoming Austrian National Day on Friday. Then I relaxed with a good cup of tea and ate Striezel while playing Nintendo.

Thursday was surfing class again. It was so dark in the morning when I woke up. In surfing class we had our ocean rescue training today. We learnt how to rescue somebody who is conscious or unconscious as well as the star line tool. Furthermore, we did cpr today with these medicine dolls. It was pretty cold because the sun wasn’t shining and the sea was also fresh. After workouts I went to college for my classes again.

In entrepreneurship class we talked about our project on the end of the semester where we have to interview a small company in Santa Barbara and make a plan for them how to go global and we have to present it in class. In oceanography we learnt about kelp forests. In our lab we did experiments with different colonies of bacteria and fungi of sea water in the harbor which was really interesting. We also finished our lab in 1h 20 minutes instead of 3h 10 minutes, so we could all go home sooner which was really great too.

So I thought I could get something of my stuff done but no had a a really fun FaceTime conversation with one dear friend back in Austria, with Simon. Even though it was like 2:30 am in the night for him in Austria we talked for about 1 hour (not like 2:30h like our last conversation) which was really entertaining and cheered me up a lot. I am really looking forward to see him again when I come back to Austria. For dinner we had lasagna which was very delicious. Afterwards, I did my study questions for oceanography. Before falling asleep I watched the charmed series again, I think I am addicted now. Before I really fell asleep I had an urgent phone call with Sabrina back at home because we had to check in on many things.

Friday is Austrias national day! I took a run for two hours in the morning an ran through a cemetery as well. The Santa Barbara cemetery is a big park on the ocean side which is really beautiful but it was a strange feeling to run through a cemetery.

Afterwards I showered, got dressed especially in red and white and drove to backyard bowls to meet Christian there. There we talked a lot and had a great time. Then I went to the bank to get my check money in cash and buy a birthday present for Marie-Christine a girl from Germany. After some workouts at home again and studying geology I drove with my bike to downtown apartments for the rides to the pumpkin patch.

It was a real fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch. I lifted some very heavy pumpkins, we did the corn maze and a bought the perfect pumpkin for the carving contest on Sunday.

Back at home I finished my annotated bibliography for the ocean project. For dinner we had many vegetables, sweet potatoes (gosh how I love them!) and spaghetti squash. Actually, Olivia tried to cook a Chinese meal it’s like a soup with cooked pork, salad and rice in it. It took her like the whole afternoon until 8:30 pm and eventually I tried it. It tastes very foreign but good actually and she was really happy that we liked it.

In the evening I just relax with a cup of tea and Striezel, watched some series, read my book and played a little bit Nintendo. The day was really busy and exhausting today.

This morning was really foggy, cold and cloudy. After workouts I made myself some breakfast with the delicious pumpkin butter I bought yesterday at the pumpkin patch.

After breakfast and doing my presentation for the ocean project I drove with my bike to the yoga studio on state street. There we had an awesome yoga workshop with Nuria Reed and I managed to do a handstand as well today!

Afterwards, I went to Christians apartment and we drove to rattlesnake canyon hiking trail. There we hiked for 3 hours and had a beautiful view at the top of Gibraltar rock.

Moreover, we went shopping at Ralph’s for making Schnitzel and potatoes afterwards. Cooking together was a lot of fun and the schnitzel were delicious, I think the best I’ve ever made.

After washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen we went to a haunted house downtown, a typical American Halloween tradition. In the house there were a lot of costumized people and kids with masks like Clowns, dead girls and so on. They made a whole labyrinth in there and jumped out of the shadows to scare people. It was spooky and I screamed sometimes but it was really cool!

Really exhausted I drove back home in the evening. It was already dark and very foggy, a typical Halloween weather. Back at home I showered, listened to some music and got comfortable with a good cup of tea.

Sunday morning I took a run for 2 hours. It was cold and foggy today but I saw some awesome houses decorated in the American Halloween style. After that I had a fun Skype conversation with Simon (who is currently in Sicilia). Then I did some studying and got ready for the pumpkin carving contest of the coral group.

We met at the apartments and they had set up all gear to carve pumpkins, a barbecue, lots of sweeties and pumpkin pie. We spent the whole afternoon carving and at the end we had the contest. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but I am proud of my pumpkin.

Afterwards I drove to the Halloween store on state street to get some makeup for my costume on Wednesday. I did some grocery shopping for dinner at Ralph’s as well. After some workouts at home I finally started cooking dinner. It were some sautéed vegetables and a big salad. In the evening I finished my presentation and was listening to some funny voicemails from home. Very exhausted I fell asleep ready for the next Halloween week. Unfortunately some pictures weren’t uploading so you will see them in my next weeks post…

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