Happy Halloween! 🎃

After a refreshing run on Monday morning I went to college for geology class. There we postponed our exam which will be in two weeks now and we had a quiz as well. Afterwards back at home I did some workouts, studied the oceanography questions and wrote my abstract for the project.

Then I went to Pilates class which was really exhausting today. Afterwards I met with Maja in the library for our entrepreneurship project. There we have to find a local business in Santa Barbara, Interview them and make a plan for them on how to go global (exporting etc.).

Tired after all my classes I drove back home. For dinner we had some pork chops with pumpkin and sweet potatoes.

After dinner I made my homemade granola again. I was really craving it because I ran out pretty fast on it.

In the evening I finished my oceanography abstract. Furthermore, I reserved hotel rooms together with Christian and relaxed while playing Nintendo and drinking tea. Furthermore, I promised you guys the missing pictures from last weekend’s pumpkin patch and carving contest:

Tuesday was a very wet and foggy morning. We had surfing class which was so much fun today! It was a good ground swell and the waves were really big and coming in sets. Furthermore, I managed to stand again several times and went really fast to the beach but getting out to the point today was very difficult because of the high waves.

After some workouts I had entrepreneurship class. There we talked a lot about international franchising. In oceanography we learnt about the tropical seas and coral reefs, one of my favorite topics. Furthermore, Dominique all texted us about the Halloween potluck tomorrow, I am really looking forward to this party!

After college I went cycling for two hours and bought some fruits at Vons. Back at home we had some orange chicken, cauliflower and roasted vegetables, salad and quinoa for dinner.

In the evening I did the questions on today’s oceanography lecture and updated my annotated bibliography. Furthermore, I wrote my last assignment in entrepreneurship.

Afterwards, I broiled myself some tea and spend some time on social media, reading a book or playing Nintendo.

Today is finally the day: happy Halloween everybody! I woke up before the sunrise today which was very beautiful. Then I went for a run and had a surprising encounter. I saw a guy wearing a buzz lightning costume cycling past me which was very unexpected and funny.

The Americans take Halloween very seriously. The college was setting up a Halloween costume contest and trick or treating and many teachers and students wear costumes all day long even in the heat! Furthermore, they decorate their houses very creative and spend a lot of money on costumes and decoration. Pumpkin pie and pumpkin carving is a big thing here!

After workouts, Skyping with mom and studying oceanography I went to Pilates class. Pilates was a lot of fun today because she put on Halloween music like this is Halloween from a nightmare before Christmas or spooky symphonies like Harry Potter and other strange music.

When I got back home I quickly showered and started to put my Halloween makeup on which was very funny. It took me a long time to get my face real white because I am really tanned. Furthermore, I heated the fake blood up in the microwave until it exploded so it was all messy and covered in blood there. But my costume and makeup idea (vampire) turned out pretty good.

Then I cycled to Dominique’s apartment where we all met about 20-25 people. Everybody brought different kinds of food: I brought some Lebkuchen and cantuccini, they had apple pie, pumpkin curry, sloppy joes (beans and turkey), quinoa salad, Chinese dumplings, chips, salsa guacamole everything. Everybody was dressed up and had a costume there was no exception. It was a really funny and spooky evening, I enjoyed this Halloween a lot! Even though getting the makeup off my face afterwards was really difficult…

Thursday morning was really cold and dark. Actually, the water temperature was better than the weather outside during surfing class even though the sun was shining.

Afterwards and some workouts I had entrepreneurship and oceanography class. In oceanography I scored 105 from 100 points on the second exam! In lab we went to the harbor today to get our settlement plates that we attached there in the water on the piles at the 30 August. We took them to the lab and examined them under the microscope to observe the diversity which has been growing there. It was so much fun and so cool to discover all of these tiny and colorful organisms!

Luckily, I finished lab early and had time to clean and tidy my room and do the laundry. For dinner we had spaghetti again, one of my favorites!

After that I did the study questions on today’s oceanography lecture on coral reef ecology and played Nintendo.

On Friday morning I went running for two hours. After breakfast and some workouts I Skyped with Veronica and did the study questions for environmental geology.

At 2 pm Lindsay picked us volunteers all up for the volunteer project at slingshot art gallery tomorrow. It is so a beautiful location in a little valley with lights and lots of nature. With all the lights on tomorrow it will be perfect! The Slingshot art gallery is a gallery which sponsors works from people with disabilities like toes and mouth painter. Mia the Head of coral group and her husband are making wine in Carpinteria and doing a wine tasting and auction together with the art study. There will be about 200 guests as well as the artists. We have to be servants or look after the artists. I will be a servant tomorrow the whole night as I have experience in this sector regarding my education at HLA Baden. This will be a great event tomorrow, I am really looking forward to it!

Back at home I worked on the study guide for geology again. Our early dinner consisted of a lot of vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes, some couscous and a bit of a pumpkin soup left.

Afterwards, we got ready for the movie screening at the west campus. They would show Edward with the scissor hands and prices snacks and we only have to bring blankets and chairs. Carrying all the stuff we walked down to the campus lawn where Carmen and I met Christian. They had set up a big screen there and brought a lot of different snacks as well. The movie was creepy-cute, I really enjoyed it!

Back at home I made myself some tea and relaxed because I was really tired today.

Saturday I woke up at 7:30 am and did some workouts before I made myself a granola with yoghurt and fruits for breakfast.

Afterwards, I did the geology study guide and had a skype conversation with my mum first and then with Simon and his little sisters again which was very funny (das Haustier von nebenan :)). Later, I drove to lazy acres to get my dinner for today. I ended up with some vegetables, chicken, roasted potatoes, stir fry brown rice and a salad.

Lindsay picked me up at 4:40 pm for the volunteer event. Then we got all the others and drove to the location. There we all got aprons and an education in the different kinds of foods and drinks we were serving. There we had chance to meet the artists and socialize with the guests which was really awesome. I had a really good time! They had a silent auction there, wine raffle and whiskey and wine tasting as well. All the money goes to the charity and the artists. As it went dark the light chains made such a beautiful atmosphere. At the end we got gifts from Mia made by the artists. I got a „Brosche“ looking like a skull for the DĂ­a de los muertos. The event ended at around 9 pm. It was so nice and inspiring to volunteer at such a great event and support others.

Sunday morning I took a run for 2 hours. Afterwards, I had a long Skype conversation with my mum and made all plans for Hawaii! It will be incredible! Then I finished the study guide for geology and did sunbathing because it was nice and warm today. After some workouts I got ready for my dinner with Christian at Mesa verde a vegetarian restaurant. We both shared a Californian salad and had a really delicious gluten-free vegan Sellerie risotto with cashew cheese, arugula and onions. Seeing him again was really nice after this exhausting day.

In the evening I spontaneously decided to make pumpkin spice muffins. It was a mix from Whole Foods. When the muffins were baking it was smelling like cinnamon in the whole kitchen. The muffins turned out to be very delicious. Omg I love pumpkin spice stuff (like my shower gel, granola, cereals..)!

Afterwards, I watched some Netflix and fell asleep easily. It was a nice calm ending of the Halloween week. Let’s see what November has in store for me…

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