November here I come

Monday I took my usual morning run, today it was cloudy and quite cold. After having granola for breakfast I went to geology class where we had a quiz again and got our midterms back. I got 101 points and together with the study guide I even have 111!

After geology class I drove back home to do workouts and my second last assignment for geology. Then I went to Pilates class. It was real fun today because we worked out with the elastic bands and balls today, very cool equipment.

Afterwards, I met with Maja at the library to come up with some questions for our global entrepreneurship project for our interview with the CEO of McConnell’s ice cream on Wednesday. It was a very good session, we work both very efficient together. Back at home I started and finished the last geology assignment which is due on November 30. For dinner we had some chicken curry with couscous and a big salad with pomegranate seeds.

In the evening I had time to read my scientific article for Oceanography which is really interesting. Later I made myself some tea, had one of my delicious muffins and watched the chilling adventures of Sabrina on Netflix like yesterday.

Surfing class this Tuesday was cancelled but I don’t know why. So I got the chance to sleep longer, do some Hiit workouts and have a calming breakfast. Afterwards, I began to study for the geology exam. Then I went to entrepreneurship class. There the teacher showed the class my last assignment on cultural differences in hiring practices because it was well-done. I wrote about the Hofstede’s framework regarding cultural differences in Australia. In oceanography we learnt about tides which was quite confusing at first. I like that she always gives us breaks in the lectures where she puts music on and we can stand up and dance or stretch or whatever. Furthermore, I figured out why our surfing class was cancelled today: because of the very high or very low tide of new moon. Mostly the songs are related to some marine topics. After college I bought myself some new sweatpants at the campus store.

In the afternoon I did a cycling tour for two hours. At Elings Park I hiked up to the top to take some awesome pictures up there. Furthermore, I drove to Henry’s beach to capture the amazing sunset there. After some shopping at Vons I arrived at home as it was already dark outside due to the time change.

For dinner we had awesome roasted cauliflower with spaghetti squash, couscous and a big cabbage salad with apple slices.

In the evening I worked out the lecture questions for oceanography, revised my assignment in entrepreneurship and studied geology. Afterwards, I watched some Netflix again and fell asleep quite easily because I was so tired.

Wednesday I did my morning run for 1.5 hours and was really fast. Then I had the rest of my granola with a lot of fruits. The strawberries taste so sweet here! After that I went to geology class. Back at home I did some workouts and had a good Skype conversation with my best friend Sabrina. Furthermore, I revised my study guide for geology. Then I went to Pilates class which was very exhausting with a lot of equipment today.

Afterwards Maja and I took an Über to meet the CEO of McConnell’s ice cream for the interview for our Entrepreneurship project. Michael Palmer was really nice! It was total colloquial style and he answered all our questions. It was really interesting to get to know one of the most famous and finest ice cream companies of America, even though they have 25 employees.

Back at home i finished studying geology. For dinner we had some awesome sauerkraut with sausage, gnocchi and a big salad. It was very delicious and I was so full afterwards. Furthermore, I discovered that Carmen’s mother is from Poland while her father is from Mexico, what a mixture! In the evening I started with my new book „the courage to be disliked“ (du musst nicht von allen gemocht werden) it is really well-written and inspiring. Later, I watched Netflix again, I think I am slightly addicted to the new series.

Thursday was surfing class again. Today the waves were small but the water was shallow therefore they made big powerful breaks near to the rocks. Surfing out there was pretty dangerous and exhausting today. Many people hit me with their surfboards or I hit them. (I am sorry guys again haha) but luckily there wasn’t an accident or anything. After class and some workouts I had entrepreneurship class. There we talked about the final exam which will be a case study. We can use all our notes and books for it but it won’t be easy because we still have to know the theory and apply it. In oceanography we learnt about bioluminescence and the mesopelagic zone. Afterwards we went to the food pantry at the college. They give away free food for everybody and you don’t have to give them a reason why you need it or anything. I think this is a really great institution at the college. Then Jeshua, Dominique and I drove to Carpinteria for the field trip in lab for tide pooling.

Tide pooling in Carpinteria was totally awesome! At the beginning we got an introduction to the four intertidal zones and organisms. Later we had the time to explore the beach and the different zones. We surprisingly found an octopus, some cool poisonous snails, sea hare and big sea stars and crabs. We even saw some seals hanging out on the rocks and watching us. It is against the federal law to disturb the seals actually. We had a really good time exploring and I enjoyed getting wet and being so close to the ocean.

Back at home we had lasagna for dinner. Afterwards, I showered because I was feeling very cold and practiced my oceanography presentation. In the evening, I planned Christians and my hike to the Hollywood sign and watched Netflix with a good tea on the side.

On Friday I ran for 2:15 hours. Afterwards, I drove with my bike downtown to meet Christian at backyard bowls. We had our favorite bowls, they are so delicious! One thing that I am certainly going to miss when I am back in Austria.

Back at home I did some workouts and had some Skype conversations. I also looked at the study questions from the oceanography lecture from yesterday. At home I did some workouts and then went to the library of the college to meet with Maya for working on our entrepreneurship project.

At home I studied geology for the midterm next week. For dinner we had a lot of different vegetativere, sweet potatoes, different salads and couscous or rice.

In the evening I finished geology and enjoyed a cup of tea while playing Nintendo. Today I was really exhausted and fell rapidly asleep.

Saturday I woke up at 7 am, did some workouts and had a good breakfast. Afterwards, I skyped with my mother and grandparents in Pingendorf and confirmed our luau plans for Kauai and Christmas on Oahu. Furthermore, I studied the lecture questions of oceanography. Then I drove downtown for my yoga workshop with a world-known yoga teacher called Linda. She was awesome, she literally took us on a journey, I could relax and calm down very much even though it was challenging and exhausting. I managed to do my headstand for about 3 minutes!

Afterwards, I met Christian at his apartment and we drove to the Santa Barbara golf club. There he showed me the basics: how to hold the club, how to swing etc. He was a very good teacher and it was so much fun even though I often didn’t hit the ball at all and only throw grass in the air. I eventually mastered to do some very good shots. At the end we ended up on the putting green which is almost like playing minigolf. It was a very entertaining afternoon.

Back at home I revised my assignments and studied geology. Then I got ready for dinner with Christian today. Our dinner at Mesa Verde was amazing. We shared a butternut squash kale salad. Then I had harissa cauliflower which potatoes walnut sausage and arugula which was awesome and totally vegan and gluten-free.

In the evening I finished studying geology while I baked my favorite granola (I ran out 4 days ago). Furthermore, I made myself some tea and watched some Netflix series to relax.

After my 2:10h run on Sunday morning I made myself some yoghurt with a lot of fruits and my favorite granola. Today the weather was quite cool especially while running in the morning. Therefore, I was wearing my new sweatpants the whole day.

Firstly, I studied the oceanography questions and geology. Then I worked on my oceanography and entrepreneurship project. I did some workouts as well and was working the whole day, therefore I was very tired before dinner. Luckily, Olivia made me Chinese fried egg and veggie rice which was really delicious. I had a big salad on the side too.

In the evening I had an entertaining Skype conversation with Huppsi. I was cold today and made myself some hot tea and watched series in the evening to relax from this exhausting week. Tomorrow Christian and I are going to LA and the next weekend to San Francisco! I can’t wait!

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