Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁

This Monday I could really feel that the weather in Santa Barbara is getting colder and colder. It was the first run where I had to put on a jacket and scarf. After having my delicious granola I went to geology class. Because I was really cold again I even wear a sweater over my shirt and a jacket to college.

After some workouts at home, it made a studying plan for the following weeks, wrote my post cards from San Francisco and downloaded some new music as well. Afterwards, I went to Pilates class. Today for me it was really cold even though it had 18-20 degrees outside. After Pilates I met Maja for our entrepreneurship project at the library again. Furthermore, I got an email from our alarm system that we will have a big storm with rainfall on Wednesday which can cause mudslides and debris flows especially in the dry fire regions, so Santa Barbara will experience the storm but not in such a drastic scope like Malibu or Ventura. Well that much to always sunny and nice weather in Santa Barbara.

For dinner we had some beef curry withe vegetables, spaghetti squash, couscous and salad. In the evening I read many chapters of my entrepreneurship book for the coming classes and the final. Then I made myself some tea and play Nintendo.

Tuesday morning it was warmer than last week and sunny as well. Unfortunately, there weren’t any big waves so it was a paddle day. We paddled all the way out around the corner along the coast which was really nice but quite a workout. Back at the beach we had the chance to see sandsharks in the shallow water. They are very small, sand colored and very cute. After some workouts at home I went to entrepreneurship class at college. Today the sunny was shining really bright. In oceanography we learnt about pollutants which was quite depressing. Furthermore, there were some stands at the college and I bought myself a necklace as an early Black Friday gift. In the afternoon I cycled for 1:45h and went grocery shopping.

For dinner we had some Chinese orange chicken, vegetables and a cabbage salad. In the evening I did the lecture questions for oceanography and read the missing chapters of my entrepreneurship book.

On Wednesday morning luckily the sun was shining again and it was warm – peace before the storm. After my run 1.5h I went to geology class. Furthermore, I skyped with my mum to get all documents required for my application for the coming year back in Austria, I also did some workouts. It was awesome to Skype with mi hermana del corazon, my friend Natalie from Germany, again. I haven’t heard her voice since my trip to Stuttgart after my final exams in July. We had a lot of information to exchange and it was so nice to talk to her again. I really really miss her!

Moreover, my host sister is going skiing next to LA over thanksgiving. I am just thinking: what the hell? Skiing in LA? With all the heat and fires? I figured out where she will go: Big Bear – Lake Tahoe. It is up in the mountains above LA. I think it is hilarious and I can’t imagine snow here in California! Furthermore, a big storm is coming up this afternoon and it’s expected to rain in the evening and during the night. We will see if we really get some sprinkles and wind haha.

At 2 pm I went to Pilates class. Back at home I could already see some actual gray rain clouds developments in the sky from our terrace and the wind was blowing stronger too. Hopefully will we get some rain, the fires and the dried soil needs it a lot. Furthermore, I did a reading assignment and worked on the study guide for the final geology exam.

Eventually it started to sprinkle a little bit. For dinner we had some vegetables with rice and salad. Afterwards, I made my famous Austrian potato salad for tomorrow. Luckily, Carmen cooked the potatoes yesterday and cooked them, they were the right type as well. Furthermore, I made my granola again and did the study guide for geology at the same time. Like the weather forecast projected at 9 pm it started to pour down from the sky. This was such a beautiful sound to hear and the air smelled fresh and clean!

Thursday is finally Thanksgiving! On this holiday I woke up without my alarm clock set at 8:30 am, did some workouts and had a light breakfast. Afterwards, I had a long phone call with my best friend Sabrina which brought me back to my roots and was really really awesome! I miss her soo f* much! At noon I helped Carmen to prepare the ham and stuff the turkey. There will be so much to eat today, I can’t wait!

Furthermore, I worked on my study guide for geology and then got ready for the thanksgiving dinner which started at 4 pm. Carmen had a friend invited who was really kind and funny. We put all dishes on the table: the big turkey, brussel sprouts with goat cheese, sweet ham, my potato salad, mashed sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, croissants, cranberry sauce, gravy and the bread stuffing. We had pumpkin pie and a variety of cheesecakes for dessert. Peter also brought a danish almond pie from Solvang. It was a really nice way to spend the evening. I even got a thanksgiving hug from Carmen afterwards, I was so happy and thankful. This day is actually all about being thankful and that is what counts in life.

Omg I ate soooo much! Afterwards I was pretty full, you could roll me down the hill haha. In the evening I did some only shopping because the Black Friday sales have already started (I don’t like going shopping haha). Then I just relaxed, read my book and played Nintendo, a calm ending of this special holiday.

On Friday morning I ran for 2:20h and had breakfast afterwards. Today it was really sunny but the wind was strong. After some workouts and yoga I studied geology, oceanography and worked on my application for my job back at home. Before I head off to the cinema in the evening with Christian I had some vegetables and leftovers from yesterday, but all vegetarian stuff because I ate so much meat yesterday. When it was already dark I drove with my bike downtown and met Christian at the Fiesta Theatre to watch Robin Hood. I have been excited for this movie since the end of September when the Trailer came out. The film was really exciting! I love Taron Egerton haha! When I was cycling back, a skunk! crossed the road. I’ve never seen one in nature before, this was quite a surprise for me. Back at home I made myself some tea and went straight to bed.

Saturday morning after some workouts a had my delicious granola with a lot of fruits and yoghurt. Afterwards, I worked on my application and almost finished it. At noon I drove to my last yoga workshop here. Today was a yin-yoga class with Nuria Reed. This wasn’t exhausting because it’s all about being effortless. But this was one of the hardest challenges for me, just to stay in the pose, relax, release the muscles and let go. I really enjoyed it!

After yoga I met Christian and we drove to Gaviota-State-Park about half an hour from Santa Barbara. There we took the trail up to Gaviota Peak. It was a very steep hike. Unfortunately, it was very windy and we got in the clouds as well so we weren’t able to see anything at the top. At the peak at 2,458 ft we wrote our names in a hiking book and started our way back down. Eventually, we made it out of the clouds and into the sun again and had some great views before sunset. It took us 2,5 hours to get to the car again and it was about 10km. It was a really nice hike today!

Back in Santa Barbara I did some grocery shopping at Ralph’s and had some leftovers of thanksgiving for dinner. In the evening I finished my application. Then I just relaxed with some tea and a piece of pumpkin pie.

On Sunday morning I took a run for 2 hours. It was nice and warm today but you could see many leaves and branches lying on the roads because of the storm last night. After breakfast I called all my grandparents, did some workouts and skyped with Veronica, it was so nice to chat with her. Then I skyped with my mum and sent my application. Furthermore, I studied geology and the questions for oceanography.

In the afternoon I listened to some music and studied entrepreneurship. Around 6 pm I started cooking dinner for myself. I made some couscous with veggies and a big salad. Furthermore, I had some brussel sprouts from thanksgiving as well. Afterwards, I did the laundry, tidied my room and had my beauty routine.

In the evening, I had a good cup of my cinnamon tea, watched some H2O, played Animal Crossing on the Nintendo and read in my book. A nice ending of this holiday weekend…

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