Advent, Advent

Monday I ran for 1,5 hours even though my whole body was sore from yesterday’s rock climbing. After my granola breakfast I went to geology class where we had our last quiz. Today we learnt about energy resources, especially petroleum. After class I did some workouts at home, revised my study guide for geo, learnt the entrepreneurship presentation, for the lab quiz, called the marine biologist Holly Lohuis for a meeting and did my news flash for extra credit for oceanography. Then I went to Pilates class, there we had our Post Pilates Test Session. I was able to perform the exercises way better than at the beginning of the semester and could incorporate all Pilates principles: forced exhalation, spinal elongation, ribcage stabilization, spine stabilization and pelvic stabilization. Furthermore, I received some new pictures from Lindsay of the party from Saturday.

And from the hike too:

Afterwards, Maja and I were supposed to meet at the library for practicing our entrepreneurship presentation. Unfortunately, she was incapable of coming there because of a problem at her apartment. So we decided to practice it via FaceTime when I am back at home. At the library I printed some things for the finals. Furthermore, all flags in California were half way up because former president Bush died 4 days ago.

Back at home I got everything ready for surfing tomorrow, submitted my pilates assignment, finished the news flash and had a funny FaceTime practice of the presentation with Maja. Then I studied oceanography.

For dinner we had some pork chops with spanisch rice and vegetables.

In the evening I felt pretty cold again and studied the rest of oceanography before I went to bed. I made myself some tea and played Nintendo before I fell asleep.

Tuesday was surf day again. In the Morning the sun was shining but it was very cold as well the water was freezing cold. Not many students were showing up today because of the cold. Could be the last surfing class of the semester because it might be raining tomorrow and on Thursday will be a storm as well. The waves were not surfable today therefore the teacher let us decide if we want to go into the water or not. Marie, Tobias and I decided to paddle out to the point maybe for the last time here. We were accompanied by pelicans and seals which was very beautiful and a good start of the day.

Back at home I did some workouts and then went to college for our entrepreneurship presentation. It was really tough because we have been asked a lot of difficult questions and defend our idea. I hope we did a good job, but we will see about our grade. We also had to write down some feedback for the other groups as well. In oceanography I did my news flash about a discovery of new microbes in the deep sea. There we had a talk from another marine biology teacher about pollution, necropsy of cetaceans as sentinels about the environment which was very interesting and sad at the same time.

Well, the storm came earlier than projected. I could feel strong wind blowing when I was cycling for 1:45h and getting groceries. It is also supposed to rain tonight. Back home I reviewed oceanography from today lecture, studied for the lab quiz and all chapters of entrepreneurship. For dinner we had some awesome brussel sprouts with goat cheese from the oven, cauliflower and spaghetti squash.

In the evening after finishing entrepreneurship I had some tea and played Nintendo to calm down while I was listening the beautiful sound of the raindrops outside.

Wednesday morning there was a big big storm and it was very cold. It was raining and the wind was always blowing right into my face doesn’t matter which direction I was running. This run was certainly a adventure! Perfect weather for Krampus-Day btw, unfortunately the Americans don’t celebrate Krampus or Nikolo.

After my granola breakfast I drove to my last geology lession of my stay here. The wind was getting stronger and stronger throughout the morning. In geology we learnt about energy, waste management and talked especially about the deepwater horizon oil spill. Furthermore, I took a photo together with my teacher because I might forget about it during finals week. We also got back our last midterm from geology.

Back at home I took the online geology final exam and scored over 90% I think. She has to grade some short answer questions but I will also hand in the study guide for the real final so I think my final grade will still be over 100%. Furthermore, we did a really good job on our entrepreneurship presentation too!

Afterwards, I did some workouts before I went to my last pilates class for the semester. It was raining storming the whole day and really really cold. Today in pilates we had a surprise workout. She did with us cardio and bbp (butt and legs, omg they were on fire!) with an elastic band and then we did some awesome ab work on the mat as well. We had a lot of good party music to cheer us up and motivate us. This was one of the best classes ever!

After class I finished my yoga workouts. For dinner we had some delicious spaghetti with whole wheat noodles this time.

In the evening I tidied my room, reviewed the lab for our quiz tomorrow, did my final news flash, submitted my self evaluation essay for Pilates and revised the geology study guide. Before going to bed I made myself some tea and had some Christmas cookies on the side, I have to make them in January at home again.

Thursday was the last day of college classes. In the Morning I did some workouts and had a good breakfast. Today is Nikolo, I really miss celebrating it. I studied lab for oceanography before I drove with the bike in the rain to college. In entrepreneurship class we had our last global opportunity presentation with some very good ideas. Therefore, we also had to sign a non disclosure agreement.

In our last oceanography lecture we had a guest speaker on marine science careers. It was amazing and so inspiring! She had also heard about me and freediving, apparently Michelle my professor was telling every professor about the crazy marine biology girl from Austria who is freediving in crazy depths, I was really proud haha. Furthermore, she brought an autonomous boogie board with her to show us.

We had our last lab on marine adaptations today. Firstly we had our last quiz and then the professor had set up different stations with specimen samples, different skulls, bones, fins, corals, sand and much more. We had to examine them and answer 12 pages of questions. It was very interesting and a nice last lab class. We also did some funny photoshoots to celebrate our last class.

Today was the last college day, I can’t believe it! I never missed a single class, therefore I have perfect attendance in all classes. For dinner we had mashed potatoes, the rest of the cauliflower and brussel sprouts and spaghetti squash today. In the evening I studied oceanography. Afterwards, I was pretty tired, made myself some tea and relaxed while watching h2o on Netflix before I fell asleep.

Friday I went running for 2 hours. Furthermore, I received cute picture from my aunt Niki and my cousins from the Nikolo day in woodquarter. Christian and I met today for our last breakfast together at Backyard Bowls. I had a cocoa almond bowl with cocoa nibs, soo delicious!

At noon I met Dominique and we went to the National Maritime History Museum at the breakwater. We strolled along there and took some great photoshoots. After we visited the museum. There was a really nice old woman as guest assistant with whom we chatted a lot with. She wished me all the best for my further life and was really cute. The museum exhibited a lot about diving technology, surfing theory, ships, point conception and the Chumash history. There was also a photo exhibition about white sharks. I really enjoyed it!

Back at home I did some workouts and studied Pilates. For dinner we had some curry with black rice and vegetables.

In the evening I studied entrepreneurship and oceanography for the finals next week. Furthermore, I did my laundry and watched h2o. Then I played animal crossing on the Nintendo and had a tea to relax and calm down before falling asleep.

On Saturday morning I did some workouts and had a good breakfast. Afterwards, Carmen drove me to the post office to get my parcel which my mother sent to me as a late Nikolo present. It was a package full of Austrian Christmas cookies like vanilla crescents, Linzer Augen, Mohnstrudel, Gummibärchen, Tee and a stocking with a Lindt Santa Claus and chocolates pralinés. That is so cute, thank you so much!

In the afternoon I studied Pilates, entrepreneurship and oceanography. At 3:45 pm I cycled to lazy acres to get some groceries for dinner tonight. Back home I figured out my Christmas presents and started cooking around 6 pm. I made myself some vegetables, colorful cauliflower and the mashed potatoes left from this week.

Because I studied hell a lot today I relaxed in the evening. After my beauty routine I played Nintendo. Then I made myself a hot water bottle and some tea together with some Austrian Christmas cookies and had a Netflix and chill evening. I watched Mogli: the Jungle Book. They did a new interpretation of it and it is really amazing!

Sunday I went running for 2:25h, it was nice and warm today. Then I made myself some granola for breakfast. Afterwards I had a Skype conversation with my mum, studied Pilates, entrepreneurship and oceanography. After my workouts and yoga session I got ready for the Parade of lights at the wharf and dinner with Christian today. I cycled there and it started at 5:30 pm. All boats were decorated with colorful Christmas lights and were also playing Christmas songs. There was a competition about the best decorated and fanciest boat. When all ships and boats sailed through the bay there was a big firework which put me more in the New Years spirit than Christmas one.

After the firework Christian and I cycled to Mollie’s – our last thing left to do on our bucket list. There we had an amazing Italian dinner, I had some pumpkin ravioli and he shrimp risotto. Before we both drove off to our homes he gave me an early Christmas present: a wave necklace. It is very beautiful and this was a really kind and caring gesture, I will miss him soooo much!

Back at home I was freezing so I made myself some tea and just relaxed. Wow time flew by very fast. Tomorrow begin the finals, let’s make the best out of the last week here in Santa Barbara!

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