The Garden Island – Kauai

Thursday morning, was our flight leaving from Kona to Kauai. The car return and the check in at the airport were quite easy. It’s a beautiful little open air airport right next to the ocean. There we had an improvised breakfast and strolled along the shops while waiting for our boarding. Furthermore, I finally received my final grades from college. All A+ haha!

After a short 50 min flight we arrived at Lihue airport, the capital of Kauai. There we received our rental car at Alamo and drove to our hotel. Unfortunately, they haven’t had our room ready yet. Therefore we decided to do some hiking. We took the famous Sleeping Giant (a mountain which looks like a sleeping giant, something similar exists in Austria near the Bäckerberg where my dear Waltraud lives also) trail. We hiked about 3 hours total, had amazing views and had to handle the tropical rainforest climate. The trail was also pretty muddy and wet which I wasn’t used to after the sandy dry hot hikes in California. It’s so green here, that’s amazing! And the weather and climate is also very different, rainy and sunshine, totally tropical!

Afterwards, we decided to see the Wailua Falls, famous waterfalls of Kauai. They are stunning and falling off a very high cliff. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to hike down there because the trail is very dangerous and there are many mudslides. In the end though we saw a big rainbow.

Before we drove to our hotel we bought some things for breakfast tomorrow because we have to get up early for our kayak river tour. It’s so funny that everywhere in Hawaii (Big Island as well as Kauai) there are chicken running around everywhere – at the gas station, supermarket, car rental. Our hotel room is very nice and located with a pool and ocean view. They also provide free yoga and bikes. In the evening we had dinner at the Oasis at the beach restaurant, I had some quinoa with vegetables and mum Thai curry with her favorite fish all together with a beautiful ocean view. In the evening we just relaxed at our hotel room and went to bed early because we were pretty exhausted.

Friday we got up early for our kayak tour to the secret fall of the Wailua river. First, we had an improvised breakfast in our hotel room.

Next we checked in at the kayak tour shop. We were only 6 persons total with our Hawaiian tour guide. We launched our boats at the Wailua River Marina. What we didn’t know was that our shoes would totally get wet. Kayaking is really exhausting for the arms and shoulders too, I didn’t know that as well. It was really beautiful that early in the morning paddling up the river. We had some amazing views over the Sleeping Giant. After 1,5 miles we arrived in the rainforest. We weren’t prepared for a hike through water and a lot of mud but this was how it was. We had to hike trough streams and were often knee high covered in mud. The rainforest was amazing – full of beautiful colorful flowers, hibiscus, mango trees and chicken. Chicken live everywhere in the islands, they don’t have predators and everybody can grab and eat them if one wants. Furthermore, they also have wild pigs here. After the long hike we finally arrived at the beautiful secret fall. Luckily, we took the early trip therefore there weren’t many people there. We took a lot of pictures there but I didn’t go for a swim because it was freezing cold in the water. It was incredible! Most of the pics I have on my GoPro though. We also enjoyed the way back through the forest and down the river.

At noon we ended our trip and drove to the Opaeka’a Falls lookout. They are beautiful falls too. Afterwards we grabbed some coffee, snacks and tea at Starbucks and went to our hotel to chill at the pool and beach, do some yoga and get ready for the Luau Kalamaku in the evening tonight.

The Luau started at 5 pm. At the beginning we got a lei and our table. Afterwards we strolled along the craft fair, got our all inclusive drinks, did some photoshoots and went on the plantation train ride. Furthermore, we met the family again with whom we hiked and did the kayak tour today. It was really nice to chat with Charlotte again. At the plantation train ride we saw a lot of orchards, pineapples, papayas, cashew nut trees and Hawaiian wild pigs and chicken of course. It was really fun! The luau dinner buffet started at 6:30 pm. They had a big variety of food: different salads, purple mashed potatoes, rice, teriyaki chicken and the traditional Hawaiian pork. For dessert they offered banana cream pie, Hawaiian coconut pudding, rum rice pudding and pineapple upside down cake. Afterwards, the real luau show with the hula dancers, history telling and fire show started. It was amazing and a great experience!

Saturday we had our dolphin freediving boat tour at the Na Pali coast with dolphin charters. We drove there at 6 am in the morning. After the check in we grabbed some coffee and tea at Starbucks.

At 8 pm our captain came and gave us all the information on our trip today. Furthermore, he recommended me some awesome hikes in the Waimea canyon for tomorrow. Then he did a quiz and who gets a question right can win a T-shirt for free. I won the question what’s the Hawaiian word for dolphin: it’s Nai’a. Then we headed to our boat which was a huge white catamaran. They also provided real good breakfast, snacks, lunch and drinks during the whole trip. After 15 min we already reached our snorkeling spot. It was a beautiful bay and healthy coral reef with a lot of fish. I even saw two green turtles and a monk seal. It was incredible diving there! Afterwards we ate cinnamon rolls and fruits for breakfast when we headed towards the Na Pali (means the cliffs) Coast. On our way we saw a lot of spinner dolphins playing around the boat. We even got the chance to see several humpback whales! I never saw them in nature so it was a great experience! The landscape of Kauai is really extraordinary, the coastline is formed of very steep mountains with sharp cliffs, ridges and edges. It’s very green too! There are many sea caves, secret beaches and waterfalls. Many of the valleys appeared in famous movies such aus Jurassic park. It was one of my dreams seeing the coast with my own eyes and today was the perfect day for this. We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of fun riding the waves on the boat while whale and dolphin watching. The crew was very caring and funny too. For lunch they had salad, veggies, turkey sandwiches, potato salad and cookies. I really really really enjoyed this trip, it was one of the best boat tours I’ve ever done!

Back in the Port Allen Harbor we drove to a beach nearby called Salt Pond beach to spend the rest afternoon there. The beach is really beautiful, white sand, few people and clear turquoise water. There was even a monk seal in the bay again. I really enjoyed sunbathing and swimming there, I even finished reading my book.

At 5:30 pm we left and decided to grab some dinner at the Eat Healthy Cafe in Kapaa. They only have vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food. Mum had some delicious avocado toast and I had some kale, papaya and Mac nuts salad with garlic bread, I loved it! It was even an ocean friendly restaurant, they don’t use plastic for example. Afterwards we went to Long Drugs to get some after sun aloe lotion because guess who has her first sunburn since June.

Back in the hotel we dried our wet things, I did some workouts, downloaded some GoPro pics and worked on my computer. Then we went outside and watched the full moon on the beach a little bit before we went to bed.

Sunday, 23 of December, we got up at 7:00 am and had breakfast at the oasis beach restaurant. We had both some granola yoghurt with papaya, bananas and pineapples with fresh pressed juices.

Then we drove off to Waimea Canyon for our hike at the Kalalau lookout. It wasn’t an official hike, one of the guys on the boat yesterday recommended it to us because we will have amazing views there. The drive through the canyon was very beautiful. We stopped at several lookout points with waterfalls and astonishing rock formations. I wonder how the rocks and mountains formed here because they are so different compared with the other Hawaiian islands or anywhere in the world.

At the Kalalau lookout we had to trespass a big fence with warning signs that we can fall to our deaths (my mother really did it without any hesitation haha!). I am really proud of her because the trail was really muddy, slippery, dangerous and on the edge of the cliff. We got to see some Hawaiian mountain goats as well. The views were unbelieveable there! Only the sound of helicopters was interrupting the sounds of nature. We took some good yoga pictures on our way too and were inspired by the astonishing contrast between the green mountain ridges, many rainbows (it’s one of the wettest places on earth!) and turquoise sea.

After our 2 hours hike we found a cafe and mountain lodge in the middle of the rainforest where we got some tea and coffee. The weather was really hot and tropical today about 34 degrees. On our way back through the canyon we stopped at some famous lookouts again before we made our way to our favorite beach.

In Waimea we found a stand which sold chilled coconuts. They cut them for us so we could drink the coconut water. It tastes amazing! On the beach we swam and just relaxed.

When we drove back we stopped some gas. Back at the hotel we showered, packed our luggage, I worked on my computer and edited some GoPro photos. Then we had dinner at the oasis beach restaurant again. We had both some curry with quinoa and vegetables which was really delicious. We were both pretty exhausted today therefore we went early to bed to catch our flight tomorrow on Christmas Eve. Well two islands already done… both were amazing and totally different! I am really excited what will await us in Oahu!

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  1. Doris sagt:

    Liebe Christin, ich wünsche dir einen wunderbaren Jahreswechsel und ich genieße deine Berichte immer wieder!
    Alles LIebe, Doris


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