Welcome Week

Because I am so used to blogging I thought about writing about my first week at home too. After a small breakfast we unpacked some of our luggage, visited our neighbors for a cup of tea and then drove off to the woodquarter. It was so good to see my grandparents again. She made Schweinsbraten with Erdäpfelknödel and a Rehrücken especially for me. I ate so much I was feeling like I could roll down a hill. In the afternoon mum and I went for an New Years walk in the forest and along the fields, I think she wants me to get used to the cold here which is very difficult for me. Then my aunt, uncle and cousins visited. I missed them all so much. Showing pictures, telling stories and playing uno was really funny. Furthermore, I received some Christmas presents and we had a small Christmas tree cut from our own forest. In the evening mum and I did some workouts and sat together with my grandma while drinking tea before going to bed. The Jetlag really gets on both of us.

Wednesday morning mum and I went for a jog. I was so happy that it has snowed overnight and the roads were all icy and freezy. We kept running even though the wind was really really cold – but I have to get used to the cold so I call it Immersion therapy. We reached our fishing ponds and jogged back to Zissersdorf and visited the grave of my great grandpa. Back at home we had a typical Waldviertler breakfast with real dark bread, butter, ham, cheese, jam and fruits. Then my mum and I drove off to Horn to do some shopping. Furthermore it’s my grandma’s birthday today. In the afternoon I did some workouts and we had Erdäpfelgulasch for dinner. Then my aunt and little cousins arrived from skiing in Hinterstoda. I have really missed them a lot and was glad to hug them again. We played some games, I showed them many pictures and we talked a lot. At 8:30 pm we were both tired and drove back home to Baden because my mum has to work tomorrow.

On Thursday I went the first time running in Baden. It was freezing cold but the snowy Helenental looked so beautiful and calm. It was a nice run. Afterwards, I had breakfast with my grandma like in the old times. I really missed it. Actually, I am going to spend the whole day with her today. After some workouts I went for a walk in the snow with my grandma. We walked up the Kurpark in Baden to the Rudolfshof and back over the Beethoventempel. It was snowing heavily and nobody around, I really love it it’s so beautiful white and glittery.

Back home we started cooking together. We will have Wurzelbraten with Semmelknödel and Preiselbeeren today. While the meat was in the oven and the vegetables were cooking I was bathing and reading for the first time since half a year. Gosh, it felt amazing. Afterwards we made the dumplings and the salad and served dinner around 7:30 pm. It was delicious! After washing the dishes we lit up the candles on the Christmas tree. It was so beautiful and peaceful and I had a real Christmas feeling too. We drank some sparkling wine and I received an angel, some money, homemade cookies and a tea advent calendar as my Christmas present. In the evening we ate a lot of Christmas cookies, played board games and had some good laughter. It was a real great and joyful evening.

Friday morning I went for my run in the vineyards. I ran until Gumpoldskirchen and back. Even though I got in a snow storm it was soo beautiful and snowy. Running in the snow and running in the sand are quite similar and exhausting but running in the snow is more slippier. Afterwards, I had breakfast with my grandma. I did some workouts and yoga and then went shopping with my mum. Moreover we were invited to Roswithas place for some coffee and cookies before we three girls went to the gym for bbp intensive and power step. It was very exhausting but a lot of fun especially power step. I also got a chance to speak to the owner of the fitness center about working here.

Afterwards, we drove home and made lentils curry with mango and a salad for dinner. Then I made my homemade granola and we celebrated a little Christmas at home. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing and watching TV until we fell asleep.

Saturday morning I finally could sleep longer. After a breakfast with mum Veronica picked Alex and me up for our riding lesson in Kottingbrunn. The stable hasn’t changed at all even though the management has because it is sold. Luckily, our favorite instructor and former owner of the stable Gaby will still give us riding lessons in the future. It was so nice to see them all again especially the horses and Artus. I love the smell of the horses and cleaning them. I underestimated how exhausting riding is, hello sore muscles. The riding lesson was really great even though I recognized that I haven’t been riding for half a year.

Back at home I as crazy as always went for running. It was snowing and raining at the same time with strong winds and coldness. The streets and the forest were flooded and I was totally soaked when I got home. After some yoga my grandma came and brought me some fresh Erdäpfelpuffer for dinner. Then I got ready for today’s party at my house and our trip to the Melkerkeller. We drank very much (especially Tequila, Hugo and Asti), played fun card games and had a lot of fun which I felt very much in the morning. I can handle the alcohol much worse than ever before haha. I think I was at home around 5:30 am or something.

The next morning my grandma woke me up with a homemade chestnut chocolate cake. It was delicious and the best way to cope with the rest of the alcohol in my bloodstream. After downloading some GoPro videos I went to Basti’s place because we and Sabrina went toboggan slaying. I thought we would drive to Unterberg but we went to Schwarzensee where I went toboggan slaying throughout my childhood. We tried our old hill before we drove to Peilstein. The way up the mountain was really funny and many people had the same idea on January 6 also the cabin on top was opened. We enjoyed the snow and the toboggan ride down. It was really nice spending the afternoon with my favorite persons.

Back at home we had Reini and Roswitha as our guests and mum made delicious chicken wok. I showed them some pictures of our Hawaii vacation and took a soothing bath afterwards. In the evening we ate Nussstrudel and watched a funny love comedy on TV tonight. Nice and calm ending of this turbulent week of my arrival at home.

So that’s it with my blogging. Maybe I will write a blog post in the future again, well we will see what adventures 2019 has in store for me…

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